Staging Services from BOLL - added value at all levels

BOLL's staging services are among the numerous services with which BOLL simplifies the lives of its partners and supports their process optimization and efficiency enhancement.

The order-specific storage of hardware appliances, the pre-installation of firmware and licenses, the import of end-customer-specific configurations, the delivery of the pre-configured appliances to the end customer (nationally and internationally) -these and other staging services represent the wide-ranging scope of BOLL's staging services. The aim of these services is to relieve channel partners (resellers, MSSPs, etc.) of logistical tasks so that their specialists (e.g. security engineers) can concentrate on their core tasks.

The staging services, which are tailored to individual customer needs, form an integral and transparent hub between the vendors, distributor, reseller and end customer. They include all provisioning and logistics tasks required for storage, configuration, documentation, labeling and shipping of the appliances. These include:

  • Ordering of appliances and licenses from the vendor
  • Central storage of the goods (project warehouse at BOLL)
  • DoA tests («Dead on Arrival» tests)
  • Call-off of the appliances according to the project
  • Installation of firmware and licenses as well as import of the end customer specific configuration (either centrally by BOLL or via remote access by reseller)
  • Activation of licenses
  • Labeling of the ports
  • White labeling of the products as well as the delivery documents
  • Enclosure of installation instructions for the end customer
  • Enclosure of the appropriate power cables
  • Assembly of rack-mount kits
  • National and international delivery of the appliances to the respective end customers
  • Export services or handling of customs formalities (SECO-compliant)
  • Rollout coordination with the partner incl. reporting

Automatic integration into central management

Once the preconfigured and documented hardware has been shipped and successfully connected by the respective end customer, the reseller is given direct remote access to the corresponding appliance. It can then be integrated into the reseller's central management system, operated via it, and centrally managed - an aspect that is particularly important for MSSPs.

BOLL Staging Services: the benefits at a glance

Whether managed security service provider or system integrator - far-sighted channel partners benefit from BOLL Staging Services on several levels:

  • Simplification and streamlining of configuration and logistics processes (no need for basic configuration on site at the respective end customer).
  • No unnecessary commitment of own resources (personnel, infrastructure)
  • No burdening of qualified engineers with simpler tasks
  • Reduced logistics and shipping costs (fewer shipments necessary)
  • National and international logistics services
  • Extensive export services
  • Access to extensive experience and professionalism
  • Maximum service quality

Staging Services - the variants at a glance

Three different staging service variants are available:

Local Staging Service

With this staging service variant, the pre-installation of firmware and licenses as well as the import of the end-customer-specific configuration is carried out by BOLL - this in accordance with the corresponding specifications or requirements of the respective reseller, system integrator or MSSP. This staging service variant is particularly suitable for small to medium-sized rollouts/quantities.

Remote Staging Service

With this staging service variant, the reseller is responsible for pre-installing the firmware and importing the end-customer-specific configuration. For this purpose, the respective partner receives firewall-secured remote access to the appliances to be configured, which are located in a network provided for this purpose at BOLL.

In addition to remote access via the network, a terminal server («serial server») is also available to the respective system engineer, enabling access to the individual appliances via console port (CLI). The remote staging service is suitable for medium to large rollouts/quantities.

On-Site Staging Service (FOPMAP)

To significantly simplify the national and international rollout process of large numbers of firewalls, BOLL has developed the «Firewall Mass Deployment Platform» FOPMAP. The web-based solution, hosted by BOLL, enables the convenient creation of device- and site-specific configuration files.

Once the partner has logged onto the platform, he is prompted to enter the appliance's serial number and the various configuration parameters. Which parameters are involved is defined by the partner himself and integrated into FOPMAP as «Customer Setup». Once the required parameters have been entered, FOPMAP generates an appliance-specific configuration file and the appropriate firmware for the appliance. Depending on the product, the firmware and configuration files can then be transferred via USB memory stick, for example. The FOPMAP staging service is suitable for large rollouts/quantities with decentralized installation resources - for example for international rollouts.